Baggage screening

Aviation regulatory requirements are evolving and creating challenges for traditional X-ray scanners. Smaller and emerging threats like homemade explosives (HMEs) are of increasing concern. New regulatory guidelines that include the lifting of restrictions for liquids in cabin baggage will greatly benefit travelers but place a greater burden on security equipment.

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  • Cabin baggage Screening
    Cabin baggage Screening

    The ClearScan cabin baggage explosive detection system (EDS) combines dual-energy computed tomography (CT) technology and advanced explosives detection algorithms to detect solid, liquid, and sheet explosives as well as smaller emerging threats such as  omemade explosives (HMEs), whether in the bag or in a laptop – all at a low false alarm rate. This powerful combination is designed to meet current and future detection standards while increasing passenger convenience.

  • Fully-configurable automated tray handling system
    Fully-configurable automated tray handling system

    The modular construction and flexibility of the system allows
    each individual application to be designed and configured to produce an almost
    infinite number of layouts to suit each application – a real benefit for installations
    where space is restricted or constrained.
    Hansab solution ProPassage is designed to be integrated with the world’s leading manufacture Leidos checkpoint X-ray and computed tomography (CT) machines and can be configured
    for local or remote screening.
    ProPassage provides a controlled entry and exit and subsequent optimization of
    imaging and X-ray machine.
    Fully CE certified, ProPassage has been ergonomically designed to ensure
    easy loading and unloading of hand baggage. 

  • Explosives detection systems
    Explosives detection systems

    Our Reveal® explosives detection systems (EDS) use computed tomography (CT) X-ray technology to automatically detect a variety of explosives in checked baggage at airports and other passenger facilities, with low false alarm rate and high accuracy. Reveal EDS technology meets the world's most demanding EDS standards, including TSA EDS, EU ECAC, and Israeli ISA. Our partner Leidos is the leading provider of CT-based EDS machines to TSA, with hundreds of systems deployed in dozens of U.S. airports

  • High speed baggage control
    High speed baggage control

    MV3D delivers an unbeatable combination of innovative technology, superior threat detection, reliable performance and cost efficiency. Offering high speed performance securely scans up to 1,800 bags per hour. MV3D is designed to meet the highest
    level of detection performance without the use of a rotating gantry. Designed to insure seamless integration with an airport’s baggage handling system.

  • Baggage inspection
    Baggage inspection

    The eXaminer 3DX satisfies challenging baggage inspection and handling requirements for air terminals of all sizes. Featuring industryleading 3-D Continuous Flow CT technology, the 3DX delivers reliable threat detection, throughput and low false alarm rates. 

  • Conveyance Systems
    Conveyance Systems

    Extensive engineering capabilities providing world-leading fully integrated turnkey solutions within baggage handling. Working closely with partners to install a range of bespoke innovative technology systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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