A digipass is an electronic device with which you can securely identify yourself in order to use for internet banking or as a corporate server access security device. The digipass generates a new password every time, and you can never use the same password twice in a row – so stealing your passwords becomes much more difficult. It’s possible to choose between mobile and physical token.  

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  • Mobile authenticators
    Mobile authenticators

    Banks, financial institutions and companies offering online and mobile applications face a number of challenges. Online and mobile applications are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks and fraud, which have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Mobile authenticator balances the need for stronger mobile application security with demands for user convenience by delivering comprehensive, built-in security for your mobile applications, combined with a frictionless, “hands-free” authentication and e-signing experience for your mobile users.

  • Physical tokens
    Physical tokens

    Digipass hardware authenticators provide proven multi-factor authentication and transaction data signing. It is the ideal password-protected personal identification device for banks, businesses and organizations that need a large-scale, efficient and cost-effective solution.

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