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  • What is Entringo Traffic
    What is Entringo Traffic

    Entringo Traffic is a fully automated digital traffic management system in closed or semi-closed environment.​

    With advanced Rules Engine, it fully adapts to your needs, enabling tailored logistics at ease. It provides everything from access control to sophisticated guidance systems or advanced reporting. 

  • Why Entringo Traffic?
    Why Entringo Traffic?

    Entringo provides complete automation of commercial traffic management, including:

    Advanced access and planned traffic management
    Real-time overviews of all guests and vehicles in the territory
    Clear guidance- and wayfinding
    Cost savings on security staff​
    Efficient working time planning in the loading area​
    Reduction of waiting time for vehicles
     Increased security of the territory

  • The Rule Engine
    The Rule Engine

    Define complex rules and make them clear to follow and easy to set. ​

    You can have standard setups and processes for default rules and custom rules for advanced requirements. ​Defining the rules does not require programming.​

  • Checkpoints

    A checkpoint is an access or exit point for a Zone.

    • A camera detects a vehicle's number plate
    • The system checks for existing permit(s)
    • The system collects and adds data to the vehicle's session in the database
    • The system helps to guide the driver to the next checkpoint or activity (using Lane Terminal kiosk with LED display)
    • The checkpoint can also serve as a communication hub for drivers (live messages, detailed guidance, etc.)
    Access Control
    Access Control

    Entringo access control is based on digital permits.

    • Setting up the permit in the Entringo Traffic web interface is quick and easy.
    • The system supports multiple permits per vehicle, as well as time-limited permits.
    • The external permit application feature allows quick review and approval.
    • The permit database can also be stored with the customer. When vehicle is detected at the access checkpoint, a query is made towards the customers’ systems. Very convenient for ferry bookings or factory access.
    Queue Management
    Queue Management

    The queue management system contains additional LED screens for the parking lot and delivers SMS messages* to the drivers at due time.

    The system supports both manual and automated calling. For automated calling, each queue has a set of rules that define the flow that vehicles must follow. When calling manually, vehicles are picked or guided by the operator through the user interface from a distance.

    Booking module
    Booking module

    Entringo Traffic offers the possibility to book a time of arrival using a web-based calendar.

    Customer can book a specific time and add the required data to the booking. The data sent data gets validated and the time confirmed. A booking duration can be specific to the type/amount of the goods etc.

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