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Together with the adoption of electric vehicles comes a need for a whole new ecosystem that supports an enjoyable use and charging experience. Discover everything you need to know about our charging stations for homes, businesses, and public locations.

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  • Charging stations for businesses
    Charging stations for businesses

    Whether you manage a shop, hotel, workplace, or any other commercial location, having charging ports on-site can bring your business a host of benefits. From giving you an edge over your competition to helping you drive profit and attract loyal customers who stay longer and spend more, there has never been a better time to invest.

  • EV charging stations for public locations
    EV charging stations for public locations

    Fully charging even the largest battery in under an hour, DC fast chargers are ideal for on-the-go locations like petrol stations, highway rest stops, and fleet depots. With a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, DC fast chargers take only minutes (vs. hours) to charge a vehicle (if an EV supports it).

  • Charging solutions for homes and apartments
    Charging solutions for homes and apartments

    Charge your EV effortlessly from the comfort of your home with a home charging station. Not only is it the safest option for charging your electric vehicle at home, but it can also charge your car up to eight times faster than a regular outlet.

    What's more, by connecting your home EV charger to the charging management software of your choice, you can control your station remotely and get detailed charging insights. Plus, you can schedule charging during off-peak times to minimize your costs and protect your grid connection.

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Electric car chargers at the Viking Motors car center

In just a few years, the number of electric cars in Estonia has multiplied as electric cars have become a more attractive and affordable option.

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In one of the strategic parts of Kaunas city back in 2018 a new Konversus business centre opened its doors. The business centre is currently testing ENTRINGO – a new parking solution.

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