Indoor and Outdoor kiosks

Indoor and outdoor kiosks are digital display solutions for all indoor and outdoor digital signage, wayfinding and other attractive touch screen applications. Kiosks can be used in tourism centers, museums, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc. 

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  • Custom design to match your vision
    Custom design to match your vision

    You can make the solution of indoor and outdoor kiosks an atractive detail of customers chosen place. The visualisation of the solution could be designed by customers requests: colors, elements, font, etc.

  • Wayfinding solutions
    Wayfinding solutions

    Wayfindign is an interactive solution with dynamic maps and a user-friendly content management system for quick updates. User-driven in functionality, the application is built to empower your audience and drive improved customer experience.

    With smart searching, point-of-interest detection and categorisation, users can easily find a destination and route based on their needs. Wayfinding solution could be used in many different spaces, e. g., shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, banks, hospitals, museums, schools, etc.

  • Find the information you need
    Find the information you need

    There are plenty of possibilities what you can install and show for visitors or customers in to indoor or outdoor kiosks: QR code, routes guide, a unique 360-degree tour of various places, etc.

  • Get shown information to your own device
    Get shown information to your own device

    Indoor and Outdoor kiosks could be very atractive and interactive solutions for users. There are a great possibility to get shown information from the kiosk to your device, e.g., it could be a route guide to the visiting object, interactive map, voice guide, etc.

  • Direct video call from terminal
    Direct video call from terminal

    If you would like not only to read information in the kiosk, you could make a real-time video call. It depends on what content information is placed in the kiosk, e.g., if content is based on tourism, video call could be with official tourism center staff.

  • Indoor/ Outdoor
    Indoor/ Outdoor

    indoor kiosk can be interactive the same as outdoor kiosks, but outdoor kiosks can be deployed in the toughest environments, while delivering the best visual performance and longest lifetime on the market. The outdoor kiosk can properly operate ambient where temperature is from -40 to +55 degrees.

  • Public Address Systems
    Public Address Systems

    The sound enhancement system can be used in public places where announcers, performers, etc. and need to hear in a remote or large area. Typical applications include sports fields, public transport and facilities, live or recorded music venues and events.

  • E-ink solutions
    E-ink solutions

    Impeccable readability, with the feel of ink on paper. No glare, no light pollution. Enclosed in a precision-brushed aluminum casing that is enforced with the most durable glass pane ever created to protect from scratching and hazing.

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