Gift and Payment Cards KKIS

Use existing card payment terminals to accept gift cards issued in-house. 

KKIS payment card system enables retailers to establish their own electronic gift or payment card system for their shops. All you need to do is register the cards and users in the system and order the cards. 

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  • Choose between Gift or Payment Cards
    Choose between Gift or Payment Cards

    Gift Card Is the fastest way to make gifts to friends or relatives and provide a convenient and secure payment option at stores. Merchants benefit from sales and revenue increases and gain Customer Loyalty.

    Payment Card enables sales to loyal customers with pre or after-payment with the most convenient invoicing for all parties.


  • KKIS
    Cloud-based Cards Management
    Cloud-based Cards Management

    With the web-based user interface, you can create customer accounts (both private and corporate), set limits, generate reports, see statistics, and order new cards. 

  • How to sign up for KKIS?
    How to sign up for KKIS?
    • Make an agreement for account creation in the KKIS system
    • Decide which cards you want to issue
    • Set up limits and sales location in the system
    • Order the physical cards

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