Library RFID Automation

Hansab offers a wide range of library solutions based on RFID technology. Our solutions help libraries to offer more convenient service to their customers, save time with inventory management and let the staff be more on the floor helping readers.

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  • Self-service kiosk
    Self-service kiosk

    Quick way to borrow up to 5 books in one move. At self-service kiosk you can borrow, extend of even process return of material without even having interaction with staff member. 

    Self-service borrowing and returning books is possible thanks to a device specially designed for readers. Electrically height-adjustable shelf and monitor makes easy to use for everybody. Self-service kiosk allows the user to borrow and return books by himself, allows access to his account, informs about return dates and prints receipts. Ideally suited to reading rooms and lending rooms with free access to book collections, both in small and large libraries. Works in RFID UHF or HF frequency.

  • Library locker
    Library locker

    With a library locker system, you can serve your customer even when the library is closed. 

    Locker allows to collect and return books previously ordered from the library.

    1. The reader places an order through the library system.
    2. When the book is prepared for borrowing the staff places it in the locker and the order is marked in the library system as ready for collection. The library system shall notify the reader of the possibility to collect their order.
    3. The reader logs into the device using a library card or ID card. The device automatically opens the locker with the ordered book. The locker is equipped with lockable compartments, a touch screen, library card reader, receipt printer, and RFID reader. Outdoor and indoor models are available. 
  • 24/7 book return machine
    24/7 book return machine

    The device makes it possible to accept books at any time, even outside the working hours of the library. It recognizes the returned items based on the data stored in the RFID library tag affixed to each book, and after identifying the user it sends this information to the library system. The user account is updated immediately, and the returned items are placed directly in a cart featuring a movable floor. 

    Extensive systems for automatic RFID returns are equipped with a sorter which directs the returned items to separate library carts according to a set of defined parameters. 

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Book Lending Locker at Tallinn University Academic Library

In April 2020 Tallinn University Academic Library opened self-service book lending locker called “Raamatutark (Bookw

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RFID Solution for a Library

Hansab implemented the first book transportation system integrated with RFID solution in the Baltic countries in the National Open Access Scholarly Communication and Information Centre in the Vilni

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Full Ultra High Frequency Library System

Hansab installed the new library system in Tallinn University Academic library. This is the first UHF (Ultra High Frequency) -based library system in Estonia and the Baltics.

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Modern Technology Solutions in a Public Library

In  August 2016 in Telsiai, the capital of the culture of Lithuania, a new and modernly reconstructed Telsiai Karolinos Praniauskaites Public Library was opened.

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RFID Book Return System for a Library

Hansab installed the automatic RFID book return system.

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