Passenger Information and Flow management

Improving the passenger experience with flow management Learn how Passenger Flow Management can help airports optimize wait times, reduce overhead, maximize revenue, and improve the overall passenger experience.



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  • Passenger information system
    Passenger information system

    A passenger information system is an automated system for supplying passangers with information about the flights through visual, voice or other media channels. We offer fully unified system – with the touch of a button, you can inform passengers via voice, display, booths, and direct onto their mobile phones instantly, accurately, and simultaneously. Our expertise is covering FIDS, PA System, Airport Wayfinding, Passenger Announcements, Digital Signage solutions.

  • Passenger Flow Measurements
    Passenger Flow Measurements

    Airports around the world are feeling the strain of increased air travel. Crowded terminals and curbsides, longer queues and wait times, and scores of frustrated passengers have become the norm. Passenger Flow Measurement (PFM) systems help them be more efficient and responsive to passenger needs.  We measure the following metrics: Passenger counts, Queue length, Wait time, Process time, Desk / lane activity, Passenger throughput.

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