Retail Cash Management

Different type and functionality cash management solutions effectively help cash-based trading or service organizations to minimize, and in some cases eliminate, security and human error risks and also reduce costs to manage money and save employee time. 

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  • How does it work
    How does it work

    We will help you to choose appropriate cash handling devices according to your business specification and scope. It not only gives you efficiency, accuracy, and security for your business but with the right technology on your side, you can be confident that you will get the most out of accepting cash in your business  

  • Small cash handling devices
    Small cash handling devices

    banknote validators, counters, and coin sorters – that are mandatory for every and any size retailer, that works with the cash.

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  • Cash handling machines in regular customer cashier or SCO
    Cash handling machines in regular customer cashier or SCO

    if you offer self-service self-checkout for your customers, don’t forget about accepting also cash, that way you can cover up to 79% of the customers, that pay only with cash. You can also take of the cash handling from your regular cashier hands by installing Glory cash handling machines, that not only take the cash directly from customer's hands, but also give back the change in needed amount.  Our solutions are tailored for any business need/ size

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  • Make your cash cheaper also in back-office
    Make your cash cheaper also in back-office

    Cut even up to 10 hours of manual cash counting per day by using cash recyclers or/ smart safes, that will replace your general cashier, and will be working 24/7 with no holidays or leaves. You will create measurable efficiency in your business processes by reusing your own cash for next working day tills, and with useful data analytics you can also reduce CIT costs and increase cash transparency and security.

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