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An effective system for automation of meeting room management, it also makes company processes simpler and helps to use office space in a better way. Easily book in Outlook or directly on the room manager devices outside of the meeting rooms. See the status of the meeting rooms already from a distance and use screens to see upcoming bookings.

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  • Meeting room scheduling device
    Meeting room scheduling device

    Shows a clear indication of meeting room status and availability. Gives an overview meeting timeline. The system enables a booking and changing of meetings on the go on the tablet screen

  • Custom design
    Custom design

    You can make the solution of meeting rooms an inseparable detail of your office. The visualisation of the solution could be designed by customers requests: colors, elements, font, etc.

  • Floor plan and available rooms on a billboard
    Floor plan and available rooms on a billboard

    Gives you an overview of all the meeting rooms on a single page or divided by floors. The screens have LED light strips on the edges that are switched according to the meeting room status (green/red), so you can see from the distance if the room has been taken or not. Shows the information about the amenities and functionalities the room has to offer

  • Visitor registration solutions
    Visitor registration solutions

    Apear minimises waste by offering an option to have a step-by-step booking to find the most suitable room for the meeting. The system helps to prevent under-usage of meeting room resources, also minimises the chance that two employees book a meeting room with 30-seats. 

  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange & Office 365
    Integration with Microsoft Exchange & Office 365

    Connects to your existing calendar system. Use up-to-date and effective approach to manage sharing of meeting rooms, equipment and other resources of your company.

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Apear room management system at the glass-processing plant Groglass

Last spring, the glass-processing plant Groglass in Latvia was looking for a more efficient and transparent way to manage their meeting rooms.

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