Safes and electronical key cabinets

Whether in an office or personal home, it is important to keep your valuables safe. When choosing a safe, it is important to pay attention to the certificate assigned to the safe. A certificate that is generally recognized in Europe guarantees the safe a certain security against fire and burglary.

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  • Burglary resistant safes
    Burglary resistant safes

    Keep your most important valuables impervious to theft and destruction – burglary graded safes are tested and certified to meet the most stringent international standards in security. The safes feature high-strength lock mechanisms that perform reliably time after time, guaranteeing you a high level of protection.

  • Fireproof safes
    Fireproof safes

    Fireproof safes provide you a peace of mind - in the event of a fire, you can be sure that your paperwork can be recovered in a usable condition. Ideal for storing essential documents such as wills, property deeds, contracts, insurance policies and many more. Digital media, like CDs, DVDs, USB sticks are particularly sensitive to temperature and therefore, these should be stored in a special fireproof data cabinet.

  • Deposit safes
    Deposit safes

    The deposit safe can be used to add money and valuables through the deposit slot without opening the safe itself. It’s particularly useful and rational where large sums of cash are handled by a number of people also outside normal working hours i.e. shops, supermarket and petrol stations.

  • Strong rooms and vaults
    Strong rooms and vaults

    Strong rooms are high-security enclosures for business valuables to guarantee protection against physical attacks, core-drills or explosives. These rooms are modular and customizable consisting of a vault door, wall, ceiling and floor panels designed to withstand even the most complex intrusion test.

  • Electronical key cabinets
    Electronical key cabinets

    The electronic key cabinet is suitable for companies with many doors and keys. It often happens that the keys are lost because they are used by many employees. Electronic key cabinets gives you total control over your keys and allow the administrator to monitor and control the use of each key separately.

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