Security bollards and road blockers

The primary purpose of the security bollards was to protect important buildings, and since then they have become increasingly used to ensure the safety of people in public spaces. Bollards can be used to line sidewalks to protect pedestrians, to restrict crowded gathering places, to prevent vehicles from entering the restricted area. Our product range includes certified bollards with a very high level of safety as well as simpler bollards for the parking lots, with many different solutions in between.

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  • Automatic bollards
    Automatic bollards

    Automatic bollards can be raised and lowered remotely, making them suitable for use in areas where a high level of safety is required at all times, such as driveways or in front of building entrances. The automatic bollards can be controlled by control console, a mobile phone, an access card, security system or vehicle number plate recognition system.

  • Fixed bollards
    Fixed bollards

    Fixed bollards are installed in places where the passage must be permanently closed. They offer impact-tested security for sites ranging from urban to industrial. Whatever the threat level, there’s a suitable solution. Fixed bollards have been designed and tested to major crash test standards.

  • Shallow mount and removable bollards
    Shallow mount and removable bollards

    Shallow mount bollards are designed to combat the problematic fitting of traditional bollards which require deep foundations. This makes shallow mount bollards ideal for securing sites where depth is severely restricted such as busy urban areas. Removable bollards can be removed to provide temporary passage if necessary and their design require a shallower foundation than traditional depth bollards.

  • Manually retractable bollards
    Manually retractable bollards

    These bollards does not require power to operate, theycan be raised and lowered depending on the model, either with a cordless drill or equipped with a special bollard weight reduction aid.

  • Road blockers
    Road blockers

    Hydraulic road blockers are the ideal solution for sites where a final denial barrier is needed to protect against vehicle threats. It offers the ultimate high-security protection for entranceways. The blocker's robust construction and high level of corrosion protection deliver reliable performance for years.

  • Temporary road blockers
    Temporary road blockers

    The temporary roadblock is suitable for restricting vehicle traffic and creating restricted areas, for example during outdoor events and festivals, as well as for state visits and summits of important people. It consists of modules that can form an obstacle of the desired width. The modules are very light and easy to assemble. The temporary roadblock is installed on the ground and does not require a foundation.

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Bollards in Balti Jaam Market

Renovated Balti Jaam Market was re-opened in spring 2017 after extensive construction work. This newly-restored market complex is the most modern of its kind in Estonia, bringing an extraordinary range of items together under one roof, with everything from children’s clothes to tasty street food. There’s also a supermarket, sports club, hair salon, fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, the widest range of meat and fish in the country, and a variety of cafés.

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Bollards at Toompea Castle

Toompea Castle complex consists of four parts and it also houses Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) building and Session Hall, where all the laws and the most important decisions of the Republic of Estonia are adopted.

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Bollards at Estonian Government Office

The Stenbock House was built in 1792 and is at the disposal of the Estonian Government since the year 2000. 

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Bollards at the Superministry building

So-called Superministry, building that houses four different Ministrys in Estonia, was opened after nearly two years of construction work at the end of summer 2017.

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