Smartserve™ 400

Allow your customers to independently borrow, return and optionally pay for items. 


  • Sound-enhanced user experience: Implement optional audible feedback and instructions to enhance the user’s self-service experience.
  • Vivid 19'' touch-screen: The touch-sensitive screen provides users with the best overall experience and allows for large, easily readable text and graphics.
  • Reliable and accurate item detection: The dedicated reading zone is designed for maximum detection of items and also prevents cross-reads to other adjacent kiosks.
  • Secure and easy to maintain: A single key-secured door provides access to the printer and hidden USB slots for basic maintenance and on-site support.
  • Built-in printer: Can be used to provide the user with a complete simple statement of items that are currently on their account.
  • Easy to install and secure in-place: The unit has been designed to take the knocks and bumps of general life, while remaining safe - even when free-standing.
Smartserve 400.pdf

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