Video Security

Intelligent security cameras help to detect unsafe behaviour or actions that may indicate an event is about to occur.

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  • Keeping everyone safe
    Keeping everyone safe

    Cameras, typically installed inside, are intended to monitor both customers and employees and ensure a safer store environment for everyone.

  • Monitoring customers and employees
    Monitoring customers and employees

    HD cameras should be equipped to pan, tilt, and zoom for 360-degree coverage of all areas of the store, including likely targets for the customer and employee theft like small, valuable inventory or exchanges occurring at the cash register. A surveillance camera system can also help store managers check that employees are following procedures and resolve incidents armed with the confidence of security footage.

    Video-based fire detection
    Video-based fire detection

    Video-based fire detection uses cameras with intelligent algorithms to identify smoke and flames at the earliest stage.

    If an indication of fire or smoke is detected, an alarm is immediately triggered, and the location is pinpointed in the control room. This provides time-critical information that staff need to respond quickly to prevent damage to stock through fire or unnecessary activation of a sprinkler head.

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Comprehensive Security and Multimedia Solutions for a Pharmacy

Hansab OY, the Finnish Hansab subsidiary, equipped TerveysPlusApteekki pharmacy with a comprehensive security, multimedia, and people counting solution.

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Security solutions for Lonas stores in the Baltic region

Lonas has been cultivating the best traditions of mattress production and creating innovations for greater comfort and healthier life for more than 25 years.

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Hansab designed and recommended the most secure locations for Cross Point, ITAB mechanical entrance gates and the TOA sound system.

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Hansab has installed the Optiguard display and security systems in six Rahva Raamat stores across Estonia to secure and conveniently display e-readers.

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