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It’s all about peace of mind. Hansab delivers reliable, scalable and future-proof video surveillance and analytics solutions.

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  • Video Analytics
    Video Analytics

    Video management and analytics software will monitor your video feed around the clock, alerting you to set activity. This will help you best utilize your surveillance system, saving you time and effort. Video analytics can be used for Motion detection, Facial recognition & license plate reading, People counting & customer mapping for retail stores, recognizing long lines at checkout and sending alerts. Video analytics software comes with a wide range of features, making them easy to fit into any surveillance system. We offer video surveillance software that supports every system, from the smallest systems to large multi-campus systems.

  • Security Cameras
    Security Cameras

    Security cameras come in a wide variety of form factors, so we offer a camera for every security need. While building a surveillance system you can choose which type best meets your needs, so you can get the video quality and safety you want. Outdoor and vandal-proof cameras are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, snow and rain, and even attempts to tamper or damage the camera. Night vision and thermal cameras make it possible to record video at night when sunlight or overhead lights aren’t available, while megapixel cameras give you large, detailed videos. Security cameras are the core of your surveillance system, so it’s important to pick a style of camera that will perform best for your security goals.

  • DVR and Servers
    DVR and Servers

    The NVR or DVR is central to storing security camera videos and running your surveillance system. They are what you use to manage, view, and store surveillance videos. Available with a variety of software and hard drive sizes. They are ideal for managing multiple cameras from one central location. Storing larger amounts of video files allowing you to keep videos for longer periods of time or record larger HD videos. Setting up alerts and motion detection windows, if those features aren’t available through your cameras. Reviewing and analyzing all your surveillance videos from a single interface, instead of accessing each camera’s videos individually.

  • ANPR
    License Plate Recognition
    License Plate Recognition

    License plate recognition - ANPR is a feature in software that can detect, read, and store footage of a car's license plate. Used primarily in traffic monitoring in parking lots and gated security entrances, this allows the camera to capture a license plate number which is then compared to a database. ANPR can be used in access to Secure area, such as a military base or research facility, Monitor gated entrances & parking lot traffic (Look more Entringo), Track a known suspect's vehicle, Enforce parking laws, including time limits or reserved spaces.

  • Our partners
    Our partners

    Hansab represent the leading manufacturers from the Globe. We deliver reliable, scalable and future-proof products and solutions. We are authorized partners for camera producers Axis and Bosch. For VMS solutions Milestone and for reliable server and storage manufactures like Dell, HP, WD and Seagate. Contact us to find most suitable solution for your Security needs.

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