Electronic Security

A truly effective, integrated security solution will ensure your company a better protection against various threats. In addition you will be able to provide smoother and more secure operations, leading to higher levels of productivity.

Access, Intrusion and TA Systems

Access control systems are designed to control and manage large amounts of people and to ensure maximum security through monitoring each visitor. Access system and security gates must be convenient to the user and at the same time ensure full safety. The systems can be integrated to time and attendance control that enables precise overview of the employees working hours and movements.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Automatic fire alarm systems are foremost required on high-risk objects, where people's lives and health can be in danger in case of fire and where economic losses can be immense. Evacuation systems are also designed to communicate and transmit orders to people in case of an emergency. It is possible to transmit both preset reports and live texts.

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Sound Systems

We understand the importance of the safety within your facility. Hansab sells comprehensive products that effectively manage building safety and security to ensure all occupants are safe at all times. Our products provide emergency messaging that interrupts other announcements, and is intelligible, so it can be easily heard and understood. Our products are protected against breakdown or power failure with back up functions in place. When you need to rely on a Voice Evacuation, Distributed Paging System, or just provide Background Music, we will find you a solution.

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Video Surveillance Technology

The aim of using video surveillance technology is to remotely monitor what is happening in your establishment and record the information for later analysis. Compared with manned surveillance, the cameras allow to build cheap and effective recording security systems. Due to the efficient video compression technique and SD-cards that are installed in the cameras, the need for file servers is decreased. IP-cameras with excellent resolution help to reduce the number of surveillance cameras multiple times, which provides significant savings on installation and cabelling costs.

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