Money Handling Technology

Money handling technology includes devices that facilitate the processing, counting and sorting of cash and that allow counting great sums of money quickly and precisely. The devices give a fast and precise result and help save a lot of time compared to the manual counting of cash.

Currency Detectors

The quality of counterfeit euro is steadily rising, and through visual inspection it is often not possible to distinguish right and wrong banknotes. In order to verify the validness of the money we would always recommend to use automatic currency detectors. Eurodetectors checks different security features - magnetic signs, infrared elements, images and watermarks - to detect counterfeit money. You can also check the banknotes with multidetectors, which can control several different currencies.

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Cash Sorters and Bundlers

In order to store and transport great amounts of cash, it needs to be bundled. For this, various coin and note bundling machines are necessary.

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Cash Deposit Systems

The CDS concept allows customers to avoid queues and make self-service deposits whenever it is most convenient to them. Handling coins over the counter is expensive and time-consuming, by reducing queues your staff can concentrate on more productive tasks. This automated system also reduces the risk of counterfeit coins entering the system.New business will be generated when you release your staff from expensive manual cash handling because instead of cash counting, they can focus on more profit-oriented activities.

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Cash Drawers, Holders and Boxes

Cash register drawer is an essential device in companies dealing with cash. Handling of cash in the cash register must be quick and comfortable to save the time of both the customer and the customer attendant.

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