Handover automation systems

Secure storage with access protection for key and medication management, visitor management, and administration of weapons and ammunition.

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  • Electronic key management
    Electronic key management

    This is a simple, secure and reliable solution for managing keys and other access media. You can define which employees have access to which keys and when, thus protecting the keys from unauthorised access. With automatic documentation of key movements, you always know where which key is and who had it last.

  • Intelligent visitor management
    Intelligent visitor management

    With a professional visitor management system, everything is documented digitally - simply, transparently and efficiently. This gives you a quick overview of who was a guest in the company and when, and who needs to be informed in the event of an infection. And it additionally relieves your staff of documentation and routine tasks!

  • Management of medicines and substances
    Management of medicines and substances

    In order to comply with the legal requirements for theft-proof storage of medicines and the associated duty of care, electronic medicine management is recommended. Our narcotics dispensers have proven their value as transfer stations. Flexibly positioned, e.g. in the operating theatre anteroom or nursing station, they ensure that access to medicines can non-stop be transparent and monitored.

  • Management of weapons, ammunition and communication systems
    Management of weapons, ammunition and communication systems

    In the case of an incident everything must be available quickly. And above all, the removals and returns should be documented. However, manual recording is very time-consuming and may have gaps. To support your staff, all removals and returns of weapons are logged electronically on the system. This provides you with an error-free record of who had which weapon or personal emergency call device in use at which time, and you always have full control.

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