Wayfinding solution

Dynamic and interactive wayfinding solution that help visitors find their way. You can expect a seamless touch screen interface, with additional modules such as weather widgets, event management, public services, route drawing, etc.

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  • Custom design
    Custom design

    You can make the wayfinding kiosk not just efficient solution to your place, but also an attractive detail of your shopping mall, museum, restaurant, etc. The visualisation of the solution could be designed by customers requests: colors, elements, font, etc.

  • Route drawing
    Route drawing

    Make it easier and interactive with a possibility to draw a route in the wayfinding kiosk. It could be a drawn route from the Google maps if it is a tourism content terminal. It could be a floor plan if it is a shopping mall. There are plenty businesses where this option would be used: restaurants, business centers, hotels, universities, etc.

  • Search options
    Search options

    Information kiosks are not only a tool for modern information dissemination for visitors but also a poster/static information substitute. Here you can find information tailored to your type of activity. For example, if you are a shopping mall, you can find information about events, sales or public transport arrival times to the nearest bus stop, etc.

  • Get shown information to your own device
    Get shown information to your own device

    Wayfinding kiosk could be very attractive and interactive solution for users. There are a great possibility to get shown information from the wayfinding kiosk to your device, e.g., it could be a route guide to the visiting object, interactive map, voice guide, etc.

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Hansab installed two new advertising kiosks on the promenade of Rakvere Laada Street and one interactive kiosk at the intersection of Parkali and Jakobson Streets

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