Environmental, Social and Governance Policy


  • We acknowledge that climate change poses an unprecedented challenge, and human activity has an extraordinary effect on the environment.
  • We continually improve the resource efficiency of our activities and implement energy conservation measures.
  • We are committed to developing sustainable solutions and consider the environmental footprint throughout every step.
  • We offer rental models to give more companies access to new technologies and help them reach their sustainability commitments.
  • We adopt circular economy strategies of reducing, reusing, and recycling to extend the lifecycle of our products and solutions.
  • We are committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2030 by introducing green office practices and the use of electric vehicles.
  • We raise our employees’ awareness about our impact on the environment.  
  • We follow ISO 14001 environmental management systems and all relevant domestic laws and regulations in the countries where we operate.
  • When procuring goods and services from suppliers, we consider environmental factors and assess their environmental performance.


  • We meet all the international labor-related and national employment, social insurance, occupational health, and safety standards to offer a secure, inclusive, and healthy working environment.
  • We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities and prohibiting discrimination and harassment of any kind, including but not limited to race, color, religion, national origin, or age.
  • We maintain high-level working conditions, contributing to our people's safety and physical and mental health, supporting the balance between work and private life, and offering health benefits.
  • We facilitate increasing and developing all employees' professional skills and competencies.
  • We actively participate in our community, supporting sport, charity, education, and community events and initiatives.
  • We maintain objectivity and fairness about our suppliers, customers, and partners.
  • We prioritize customer safety and interests by engaging in responsible marketing practices, ensuring product quality and transparency, and protecting the data and privacy of our customers.
  • We measure our customer and employee satisfaction annually.

Corporate Governance

  • We embed our core values of openness, reliability, partnerships, creativity, and ethics into everything we do and with everyone we work with.
  • We ensure our company’s sustainable activities through consistent risk assessment and management.
  • We favor long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners, and personnel.
  • We maintain a flat organizational structure with a low hierarchy to emphasize personal responsibility and encourage initiative from every employee.
  • We strengthen our everyday leadership by introducing ESG principles into daily work tasks, management, and strategy development.
  • We encourage transparency and employee engagement when sharing company-related information.
  • Our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct adhere to anti-bribery and anti-corruption principles, foster transparency, promote fair competition and responsible marketing, and protect copyright and other forms of intellectual property.