International cooperation

Dear Hansab partners and customers,
Based on our core values and national legislation, Hansab has already stopped buying and selling goods and services of Russian and Belarusian origin at the beginning of 2022 and has excluded any other cooperation with Russian and Belarusian companies. This decision follows changes in the international environment and our commitment to comply with all relevant international and national sanctions.
Our goal is to ensure that Hansab acts responsibly and in accordance with all applicable legislation. Therefore, we stay informed of all sanctions and restrictions and fully comply with them.
In addition, we carefully check the background of all our partners and clients to ensure that they are not associated with sanctioned persons or companies. Hansab's goal is to ensure that our business relationships are in line with international requirements and eliminate legal and reputational risks.
Hansab remains committed to providing you with quality products and services and adhere to high ethical and legal standards.
Thank you for your understanding and we will continue our successful cooperation.
Best wishes,
Markko Purge
Member of the Board
Hansab Group OÜ